Do you remember when Sheffield was cabaret king of England?

Fiesta staff 'Little' Di (left) and Jo Baker

The summer of 1970 was a turning point for entertainment in Sheffield with the unveiling of the Fiesta.

The £500,000, purpose-built venue was the biggest nightclub in all of Europe at that point.

It was that sure of its pulling power it even held a date open for Elvis.

The glitzy venue allowed audiences to get up close and personal with massive American stars like Stevie Wonder, the Beach Boys, the Jacksons and the Four Tops.

The forthcoming ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1970s Sheffield – the Fiesta Edition’ celebrates this legendary institution that truly changed the face of entertainment in Sheffield.

Author Neil Anderson said: “I’m indebted to scores of former staff, clubgoers and artists – without their help I’d had never have been able to complete my latest project.

“The book is packed with rare pictures, memories and anecdotes that take you straight back to an era when a chicken-in-a-basket meal was all that stood between you and the biggest stars on the planet.”

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the shots:

Fiesta staff 'Little' Di (left) and Jo Baker

Fiesta staff ‘Little’ Di (left) and Jo Baker

The Fiesta 'Fawns' - Sheffield's answer to the Playboy Bunnies

The Fiesta ‘Fawns’ – Sheffield’s answer to the Playboy Bunnies

The book gets it official unveiling in mid-October but, before that, 100 collector’s edition copies are available on a first come, first served basis.

The Fiesta netball team

The Fiesta netball team

Each one is numbered and personally signed and comes with a free gift – a special pull-out listing of every headline act that ever performed in the venue’s 10 year history.

They’re available from

Fiesta staff

Fiesta staff

Opening of the Fiesta Club in Sheffield

Opening of the Fiesta Club in Sheffield

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  1. Vic Richardson

    I had already left Sheffield and was living in Leicester by the time the Fiesta club opened, but i did often drive back at weekends to visit the club.One act I was very impressed with, which surprised me was Norman Wisdom, what a showman he was.

    • Dirty Stop Outs

      We heard how good he was at the Fiesta. In fact there’s a big piece written about his performance in our ‘No Siesta ‘Til Club Fiesta’ book

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