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A Nice Tailend From Mr Burrows


Many people pass away without their family ever truly understanding what made them tick. Jack Watson originally set out to recount his early life for a few close relatives but the project developed into something far bigger.

It made him realise just how much his passion for music, film, sport and history had shaped his life and how many seismic events he’d been witness to in the post war era of the 1950s and 1960s.

He experienced everything from the streets of Hillsborough and Stannington and was influenced by people around him, the stories he heard, the challenges he faced and the love he felt.

These factors all made him the person he is today. So many influences influencing an easily influenced young lad!

Nowhere could he have found a better grounding than S6 he believes - everything from the colourful characters he encountered to the famous Hillsborough roar.

Lastly his message to you all: “Put away the computer and live in reality. Enjoy the streets before they are taken away from you forever.”​​​​​​​

Ron Clayton, popular historian and S6 ambassador, said: "It's a wry, ribald look back at the days of telephone boxes, Star Walks, head scarves, fishing excursions and the selfnessness of wives and mothers."

You can read more about it here: http://7hills.jusweb.co.uk/tag/book/

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