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Defiant! Sheffield Blitz 75th - strictly limited number of signed copies available

Product code: Defiant
'Defiant!' is a word synonymous with the Sheffield Blitz.

It is the word that described the stoical nature of the city's public in the aftermath of the devastating attacks that killed and wounded over 2,000 people, left nearly a tenth of the city homeless and changed the face of the Steel City forever.

It certainly wasn't a word that the Luftwaffe intended as an overarching memory.

'Defiant!' has been published to mark the 75th anniversary of the attacks and includes first hand accounts of key survivors - many that played vital roles on those two fateful nights and the aftermath.

The book is packed with scores of rare photos to provide the definite visual guide to the bombings of December 12th and 15th, 1940. It has been compiled by Neil Anderson - author of the best-selling 'Sheffield's Date With Hitler'
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Product Code Defiant