Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1960s Chesterfield - signed Jimi Hendrix edition

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We have a strictly limited number of signed copies celebrating the one and only time Jimi Hendrix performed in Chesterfield. These are set to be true collectors' items in the future.
The era defined by flower power and the Beatles saw Chesterfield hosting gigs by artists that went on to conquer the world. The town was punching well above its weight with Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Small Faces, the Kinks, The Equals, Jethro Tull, Traffic and Free all playing landmark shows.

The albums and singles of the day could be found at Hudsons and Some Kinda Mushroom record stores and entertainment was provided by venues spanning the ABC, via the Vic to the Carlton Club. The 1960s stands out as a time when the dull greys of post war life were driven out by the inrushing tide of psychedelic pop colour which shook off the drab dreariness of 1950s austerity.

Never has a generation swept away all that came before on such a wave of eager exuberance. Girls' skirts got shorter with the advent of the mini and boys' hair got longer in defiance of convention. The 'Swinging Sixties' were a much needed tonic for the times.

Music was at the emotional and spiritual heart of this irreversible movement. Rock 'n' roll, imported from the USA in the late fifties/early sixties, provided a unique springboard for home-grown talent to embrace it and turn it into something new.

Everything was up for grabs and thanks to some adventurous local spirits much of this amazing live music reached Chesterfield. Read on to find out what made the town tick during that magical time. Join former Derbyshire Times journalist and Thompson Twins founder Pete Dodd on an odyssey from post war gloom to psychedelic glory. Your journey starts here...


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