Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1970s Barnsley

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This critically acclaimed book celebrates the decade dominated by venues like Club Ba Ba and The Londoner, and the heyday of Barnsleys Civic Theatre.

It includes scores of rare photos and memories and has been featured everywhere from the Barnsley Chronicle to The Star.

Author Nik Farah said: It was the era of questionable fashion, go-go dancers, glam rock and industrial action. Whats more, it was a time of community, a time when everyone knew everyone else - especially in a town like Barnsley. The early seventies was a prosperous time for Barnsley.

The early seventies was a prosperous time for Barnsley. The sheer variety of venues on offer in the 1970s totally dwarfs what there is today pubs, Working Mens Clubs, nightclubs, bingo halls and so much more. 

My favourite quote comes from one chap I spoke with, who said: these young people today think they invented misbehaving, they have no idea the kind of things we got up to!

It includes local stars of the era like Ronnie Dukes and Rikki Lee, Charlie Williams and others.

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This guide book will be the perfect gift for anyone that remembers this amazing era.​​​​​​​

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Product Code DSOG70Barnsley