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Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1970s Sheffield

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It's unlikely the city will ever see nightlife like it again.

Club Fiesta was like having a piece of Las Vegas sat at the end of Arundel Gate. If you didn't like cabaret there was the likes of Josephine's, Top Rank, Penny Farthing and Hofbrauhaus if you liked things a little more mainstream, the Buccaneer for the rockers and you'd got The Limit if punk was your bag.

Packed with rare photos and memoirs, Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1970s Sheffield is the must have read for anyone that experienced the era first hand or anyone that simply wants to find out what they were missing.

Club Fiesta was unveiled in the summer of 1970 and set the tone for one of the most confident and exciting eras in Sheffieldâs history.The venue allowed Sheffield audiences to get up close and personal with massive American stars like The Jacksons, Four Tops and Stevie Wonder. Club Fiesta was marketed as the biggest venue of its kind in Europe and was that cocksure of its pulling ability it even held open a date for Elvis.

The sheer number and variety of venues on offer in 1970s Sheffield dwarfs anything we have today: cabaret clubs, discotheques, pubs, restaurants, Working Men's Clubs, out-of-town nightclubs, live music venues and even a 24 hour Wimpy.

It's fair to say the champions of political correctness had got a long way to go in the decade.

Dinner time entertainment was a far cry from the sandwich and quick wander round town most city centre workers make do with these days.

Despite the rise of the feminist movement, you could still bag three strippers, topless go-go dancers and free beer for only 5p at Hofbrauhaus on Eyre Street six lunchtimes a week.

Women were praised for undertaking marathon drinking sessions in the name of charity and tales of wife swapping parties in Dronfield were front page news.

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​​​​​​​This guide book will be the perfect gift for anyone that remembers this amazing era.
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