Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1980s Chesterfield Quizbook

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What was the reason for music mogul Simon Cowell's visit to Chesterfield's Moulin Rouge nightclub?

Which well-known local comedian that recently appeared on 'The Voice' had a joke shop on Knifesmithgate?

What was the name of the record shop situated in the Shambles? These and hundreds more questions about the town in the 1980s contained in this great book.

Following the runaway success of the Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1980s Chesterfield in 2013, celebrated local artist Carl Flint has produced the pocket sized book.

Carl Flint said: "This book is something to dip in and out of, argue about and enjoy challenging yourself and others with! It will be a great trip down memory lane and remind you what a great era it was in the town.

"The book includes questions on everything from nightclubs to shops by way of legendary landlord of Brampton's Three Horse Shoes and his infamous brand of cider. Chesterfield music artists that get the Magnus Magnusson-style treatment include Brian The Singing Miner, Spoilt Bratt and Gah Gah. The book also includes rare photos and more."
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