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Facts, Figures & Fallacious Goings-On In Sheffield

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Everything from how to speak in Sheffield-ish to where to go out in 1879. It's all here and more!

Sheffield author Neil Anderson has been amassing city-related trivia for nigh on 20 years.

Despite writing numerous books about his home city and its history there was still plenty more waiting for a home.

'Facts, Figures & Fallacious Goings-On In Sheffield' is that home.

Everything from legendary local villain Charlie Peace to Sheffield's most embarrassing own goals. Over 500 years of trivia in 100 pages.

Adverts from yesteryear, Victorian plate drawings and the Seven Wonders of Sheffield.

"A fascinating and humorous insight into the endearing idiosyncrasies of Sheffield down the years", Michael Glover, arts critic for The Independent.
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Brand ACM Retro
Product Code FACTS-BK
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