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Get Thi Neck Weshed

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A humorous look at life growing up in the forties and fifties in the Parson Cross and Shirecliffe areas of Sheffield.

Graham Shepherd's book, which is proud to lapse into 'Sheffieldish' where necessary, evokes strong memories of long gone local institutions like The Magnet and Five Arches pubs, Farm Grounds Gala and the Southey Club Trip to Cleethorpes through nostalgic anecdotes and rare photos.

His Parson Cross and Shirecliffe childhood could be considered uneventful unless, like him, you see humour, nostalgia, poignancy, absurdity, irony and adventure in life's everyday occurrences.

Graham suffers from a sense of inverted snobbery which is displayed in his love of the Sheffield dialect. "Why should them southerners dictate how we talk?"

His baby boom education, like Sheffield industry in the early 1950s, suffered from mass production, but one caring teacher convinced him that he had a talent for creative writing. He mulled over these rare words of encouragement for fifty years or so until, following his own favourite motto, ("There's nowt wrong wi scratchin' an itch!") he decided to publish his childhood memoirs.

​​​​​​​His one regret is his lack of imagination, as a result of which every word in his book is true.
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Product Code GTNWBK
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