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My Family and other Morticians

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This is Ann Sapcote's follow-up to her hugely successful 'Once Round The Lump' book.

It is a fascinating and thought-provoking insight into lives gone by in Sheffield's Attercliffe Common district and packed with rare and unseen photos.

Whilst much of the story centres on the areaâs halcyon years of the 1960s, her journey of discovery starts as far back as the 17th century, before giving graphic accounts of a Victorian cholera outbreak and the draconian ways the powers that be dealt with the people of the area.

From farming community to the industrial heartland of Sheffield, Ann Sapcote leaves no stone unturned in a research project that took three full years.

With scores of rare and unseen photos and personal accounts of people that made up The Common, 'My Family And Other Morticians' is a must for anyone that was a part of one of the proudest communities Sheffield has ever known or who just wants to know more about working class life in the East End of Sheffield.

​​​​​​​The book is awash with tales of humour, sadness and the twilight years of Attercliffe Common before the ill-informed march of progress destroyed it forever.
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Product Code MORTBK
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