Own your own piece of Brampton Mile history (tea towel)

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Bar the scars and maybe a night in A&E, memories of your first attempt at Chesterfield's Brampton Mile are sadly a long forgotten hangover.

And what of the first time you completed it? Arms raised in triumph, your victory dance would be short lived as you collapsed into a beckoning West Bars gutter.

Thankfully, help is at hand with a once in a lifetime chance to own your own piece of commemorative, Brampton Mile history.

Dirty Stop Outs have teamed up with celebrated Chesterfield artist Carl Flint to produce this, the limited edition Brampton Mile tea towel. Lovingly produced on finest, environmentally friendly cotton; this painstakingly researched map gives a blow by blow account of the hazards of attempting this rite of passage in the 1980s.

Shed a tear for long gone institutions like the Three Horse Shoes, the Bold Rodney and the Terminus as this heritage gift brings memories obscured by a decade of Looney Juice consumption flooding back.

With timings to remind you there was once a need to complete a multi-pub marathon by 11pm last orders, before the days of all night drinking.

You can even use it to try your own 'virtual Mile' in the safety of your home. The Brampton Mile tea towel is proving itself to be an enviable addition to any kitchen- don't miss out, order your own piece of lager-charged bygone Chesterfield today. 
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Product Code BMTT
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