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Scared to Death: And Other Ghost Stories from Victorian Sheffield

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Who was Spring-heeled Jack, the agile bogeyman who terrorised Sheffield and escaped pursuers by making gigantic leaps?

What were the mysterious sounds in the air known as the Gabriel Hounds? And did a ghostly lady in white cause the death of a woman on Campo Lane?

Read about these and other ghost stories that terrorised Victorian Sheffield in this fascinating book researched by celebrated folklorist and historian Dr David Clarke and illustrated by Ann Beedham.

The true stories of these and other supernatural visitors that both terrorised and fascinated the people of Sheffield during the reign of Queen Victoria are revealed in this book.

David Clarke has a Ph.D in folklore and teaches journalism at Sheffield Hallam University.

'Dr Clarke’s mastery of the newspaper archives is apparent in how the beautifully woven and evocative use of contemporary accounts brings the past to life with spine-chilling effect.’ 
Professor Vanessa Toulmin, University of Sheffield

‘In this book the distinguished folklorist and historian David Clarke reveals the rich ghostly heritage of Sheffield. He has done exactly what every good researcher should do, going back to the earliest sources.’ 
Alan Murdie, Chairman of The Ghost Club
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Product Code STDH-BK
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