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The Reel Monty

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The 1972 Sheffield promo flick that inspired one of the biggest films of all time,'The Full Monty'.

Hole In The Road, The Fiesta, Millhouses Park Lido, Sheffield Show and scores of other icons of civic pride brought back to life!

An absolute MUST for any Sheffieldier who remembers the era!

City on the Move, launched in 1972, would have been forgotten about if it hadn't been for one of the most incredible stories in British movie history.

In 1997, after a long search, the makers were tracked down by a film company planning a movie about redundant Sheffield steelworkers turning to stripping for a living.

The rest, as they say, is history. Many moviegoers assumed the 'City on the Move' footage that opened 'The Full Monty' was a spoof, but they were wrong. The release of this, the full-length DVD together with the never before released 'Sheffield International City' follow-up, is an attempt to give creators Jim and Marie-Luise Coulthard the recognition they never received.
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Product Code RM-DVD
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